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I would like to thank everyone who lives in NoDak for the great experience that I had there. Three of us came out for the opener form Wi and had a great time. We met some exelent people and had good success. coming from Northern Wi we have only hunted water and the field hunting out there was an experience I will never forget and cant wait to relive.
As for the NR issues on this forem I feel the same as many. I came to your state with respect for the game, hunters and landowners. We ran into a group from MN and they were the rudest people that I have ever met. It totally ruined my day. Coming from Wi which has a high NR population during the gun deer season I know how many Nodakers feel with the issue. It is not the respectful NR's that are bad but it only takes a few to do the job. I met a few landowners who gave me permission to hunt their land and thay told me that five min. before they turned down a group from MN. because of their attitudes. I am glad that not everyone sees NR as bad people.
While I was in ND I met many other NR hunters who were great guys and who help preserve our good name. The best group that we met was a group from Georgia. Four guys who camped a t the same place as us in Rugby. I don't know if I will ever meet a group as nice as them. Next year We are going to all plan a hunt together.
I am hoping that the residents of ND don't look at all NR's as bad people because there are some of us who like to hunt and enjoy the outdoors and don't want to be looked down apon just because we dont have the oppurtunity to live there.
Once again I would like to thank the resisents of ND for a great experience and the quality of hunting that We don't experience here in WI.
Thank you all.
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