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So some are expressing the idea of Term limits for the supreme court and say a poll shows about 70% of the country agrees with this. The responses/comments are that the SCOTUS doesn't "represent" the people.

#1: Who are they polling and polls can be slanted.

#2: Do people understand that the SCOTUS isn't supposed to represent the people. It shows you CIVICS is lost on these people and they dont understand how the system works.

CONGRESS represent the people and is why we vote on them every few years. Term limits should be placed in Congress. Same goes for the President and he then selects his cabinet (which has term limits). Second SCOTUS interrupts laws or rules that are on the books and if they abide by the constitution. They were never supposed to "represent" the people.

This shows you how our education system, the media, etc are failing us. Because one of the people I saw tweet about this was John Cooper. Honestly the media or anyone who put out that poll should know how the system works. It shows you how they think the US population are IDIOTS.

Here are John Coopers credentials he posts on twitter:
Former National Finance Chair of Draft Biden 2016, Long Island Campaign Chair for
@BarackObama & Majority Leader of Suffolk County Legislature, NY

He also says he is a Duke Alumni.

So you would think a man in those positions would understand how things work. Correct???
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