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Went out for the first time this year a few days ago. Saw alot of teal, shot four between two of us. Kindof dissapointed in the mallard appearences, it was pretty difficult to tell hen from drake before pulling the trigger. Fortunately it didn't matter cuz we didn't get our limit. What is the limit of teal anyhow?! I assumed it to be two per person, yet I couldn't find any regs on teal. Anyone else seeing alot of teal and having difficulty telling between drakes and hens?
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you can fill your entire 6 duck limit with teal. If there isn't a specific species limit listed for a duck in the regulations, you could fill your limit with them up to 6. There are no species limits on gadwalls, any of the teal species, widgeons, northern shovelers, you just have to stop when you reach your maximum daily limit which is 6
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