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Take the loner or wait for the flock?

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This is the old I know the situation varies, but as a general rule do you:
Take the for sure loner in close.1352.00%
Give it one more swing to give the flock a chance.936.00%
Go for the flock everytime.312.00%
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If you snow goose hunt over decoys this pretty much happens on a regular basis. The situation can vary greatly...but as a general rule, do you take the loner or wait for the flock?
I agree with you on the invisible floor on migrators.

I guess you could also look at it in regards to local birds, when there's one on the deck and 20 more at almost the same height 30 yards back. That's the ones I hate. When you have a lot of guys in a spread you'd kind of like the chance to get everyone some shots...I'm always that guy who likes to hang on the single as long as possible so you can get that AND the flock. When the single flares it's just go time. I'm a gambler...not always the most popular when calling 'em.

Remember, if it's banded I shot it. :D :bs:
1 - 3 of 14 Posts
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