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Sunny days goose hunting!

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I have hunted a lot of times and the conditions where bright and calm :x . I have some ideas that have worked for me in the past :thumb: . Flocking my decoys has been a major factor, movement is up there with flagging. Hiding from the birds, and decoy placement. I give them a lot of room to work. I am wondering what all you guys do when hunting with these conditions? :peace:
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Like Chris said, when it's sunny that mean's no silo's for me. Just too much glare. Sunny days just mean you can't won't get away with the "mistakes" you can when it's overcast. For the most part I do things the same, just a lot more nit-picky.

Good tip Woods, I'll have to keep that in mind for this season. Always looking for stuff like that to add to the bag of tricks.
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