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Such a waste!!!!

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Hunted SD again Sun and Mon. bagged 36 of em. when I got back to the motel on Sun. another group from MN had got back to their room too with quite a few birds. then when I went out Mon morning I noticed that they left all their birds on the front step of their room as they went hunting again. Then when I came back they were already back with another bunch of birds that they threw on the pile.Then I went out in the evening for the last try and when I came back to the room I noticed that the owner of the motel was throwing the birds in her dumpster because the other hunters had checked out and left without their bird and she said they had left them out in the hot sun all day plus the night before and they were rotting already. Now I don't know if this is a common practice but I feel it is a complete waste of game! If I knew they were going to just dump their kill and leave I woul have been happy to take them and clean them for my own use! It is acts like this that just piss me off when I see this stuff happen!!! Just sharing my thouts!! :******: :******: :******: :******:
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:lost: FATTIRE: real slick move jumping to conclusions and placing blame when you don' know anything about the situation idiot! FYI...I did call the TIP hotline and reported the violation and gave all the pertinent info that I could and they were glad I called. they are contacting the motel manager to find out any more info that they can get! So I feel I did as much as I could and what I should. Had I known they were ggoing to waste game I would have handled the situation differently.As for what the motel manager did at that time, I don't know, I had to get home. But if you know she did nothing then you are a freakin' genious! After all as I mentioned in my post I was just sharing my view as to how STUPID AND WASTEFUL THAT SOME SO-CALLED HUNTERS ARE!!!
although there may be a two limit posseion limit it still doesnt allow the taking of more than a daily limit per day. if the limit is a 10 day season then 60 would be the max no. of birds(ducks) allowed so what is the point of throwing away birds? just to keep hunting(or shooting birds)? when i hunt i'll have my two day possesion and if i can't consume them all then i gift them to my not hunting wife or son-which is perfectly legal according to the feds. and then maybe end up with another two days possession. but never harvesting more than any daily if i were hunting a 10 day stretchwith my wife and son at the hotel i could have taken all 60 birds providing 14 were consumed. According to the fed. officer i talked with a person could be cited for leaving birds or throwing away edible meat so they may shoot more birds. As for keeping birds for dog training such as waterfowl, the birds kept for that purpose count towards possession limit.the fed mentioned to me that throwing away nonedible meat such as gangrene or spoiled meat is not ww. but throwing away usable meat was.i like hunting birds as much as the next guy but come on something should be done to that kind of person. it affects everything from bird population to non or anti-hunters views,and gives activists alot of fuel for their never ending fight to abolish hunting.
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Another thought.....don't you all feel that if tthey started coming out with tags for the birds that SOME people would just shoot and leave or fail to tag them? remember most of us police ourselves when it comes to the regs. with all the hunting i take on i might get checked by a warden once during the fall and that is for all hunting! those breaking the rules tend to do so because they know that the chances of being checked is really slim. so remember report anything that doesen't seem right whether unethical or outright illegal! let the warden sort it out. after all it is their job.and they like hearing from us!
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