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Such a waste!!!!

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Hunted SD again Sun and Mon. bagged 36 of em. when I got back to the motel on Sun. another group from MN had got back to their room too with quite a few birds. then when I went out Mon morning I noticed that they left all their birds on the front step of their room as they went hunting again. Then when I came back they were already back with another bunch of birds that they threw on the pile.Then I went out in the evening for the last try and when I came back to the room I noticed that the owner of the motel was throwing the birds in her dumpster because the other hunters had checked out and left without their bird and she said they had left them out in the hot sun all day plus the night before and they were rotting already. Now I don't know if this is a common practice but I feel it is a complete waste of game! If I knew they were going to just dump their kill and leave I woul have been happy to take them and clean them for my own use! It is acts like this that just piss me off when I see this stuff happen!!! Just sharing my thouts!! :******: :******: :******: :******:
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I would be all for taging birds, its any easy way to keep track of how many birds a guy shoots a year.
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