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Such a waste!!!!

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Hunted SD again Sun and Mon. bagged 36 of em. when I got back to the motel on Sun. another group from MN had got back to their room too with quite a few birds. then when I went out Mon morning I noticed that they left all their birds on the front step of their room as they went hunting again. Then when I came back they were already back with another bunch of birds that they threw on the pile.Then I went out in the evening for the last try and when I came back to the room I noticed that the owner of the motel was throwing the birds in her dumpster because the other hunters had checked out and left without their bird and she said they had left them out in the hot sun all day plus the night before and they were rotting already. Now I don't know if this is a common practice but I feel it is a complete waste of game! If I knew they were going to just dump their kill and leave I woul have been happy to take them and clean them for my own use! It is acts like this that just piss me off when I see this stuff happen!!! Just sharing my thouts!! :******: :******: :******: :******:
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If SD's WW laws are comparable to ND, Dean and Fetch are right they did nothing illegal (unethical is another story). Breasting wasn't a LEGAL option either because of the transport laws.

I intentionally didn't bring this topic up during the session, as it seemed inflamatory, but I'm told similar instances throughout the duck belt in ND each fall are very common. With a two-day possession limit, and only so many ducks that can be eaten or given away, I've heard that wardens regularly run into dumpsters containing a substantial number of whole birds. That was one of the shortcomings of 1307, with it's 10 day seasons. Nonresidents and wardens hate them, but bringing back the tags would help these situations.
FACE, don't know if you were responding to Dean or me. In any event, can't speak as to the validity of your intra-family gifting program, but in one sense I suppose it's no different than giving to a local. However, I'm sure you'd be doing a little tap-dancing if you got stopped with 36 ducks, three total vehicle occupants and only one licensed hunter. Maybe you're right, but I wouldn't want to have to explain the gifting laws in that instance.

The more I think about it, I think there's sort of a "final destination" rule in there too. In other words, in the example you gave, all 36 are yours until you get home. When you get them home, their final destination, you might be okay giving them away to your non-hunting family members. If you give them to locals, then they're no longer yours because they reached their "final destination" and are no longer in your possession. Sounds like another great question for the G-Men that visit the site from time to time.

Also in your example, I think your math is a little off. Even if you're right in your gifting example, you'd have to consume 24 ducks (2.4 each day) to take limits each day. And, most nonresidents don't travel with an entourage of non-hunting companions. That's one reason 1307 didn't make a whole lot of sense to me. 1307 wouldn't have required that anyone hunt the whole 10 days, but if they did, there seemed to be some real reconciliation problems with the two day possession limit.

More to the point, our WW statute should be updated to address the SD and other dumpster situations.
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FACE, no, tags wouldn't be an enforcement panacia, but they'd help. To totally ignore the system, you'd have to take a chance on not accumulating and/or tagging your birds in the field (when you're under the scrutiny of hunters and wardens), not tagging them in transport back to your lodging and while at your lodging and/or continuing to hunt while you have tagged birds at your lodging, etc. Wouldn't keep the slob from being a slob, but would adds another powerful enforcement opportunity and mechanism and would help deter all but the really ballsey slobs.
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