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Still geese around

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Talked to a friend that said there are about 500 juvys using a waterfowl prodution near overly. They have been around for 3 days now. i might have to check that out for my self.

I also hope this cold front will bring some geese down with it. If they aren't in the nesting grounds by now.
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My roomates went to the rugby area this weekend and they were also up by minot and they said that there are still snows around that area. They also spotted a flock of birds on the ground near hillsboro. Go out and get em.
Report from VC was that a huntable number of birds was observed near Laverne over the weekend. I'm not sure what this guys definition of "huntable" is but i can't imagine there are too many hanging out.
I have been hunting the last 2 days after i got word that there were geese around the overly area. I didn't really think there were many around but i thought i would try. I went out sunday and just as turned off highway 5 towards willow city i found geese on the ground. I made an attempt to pass shoot some but as i closed the car door they all got up. There were about 2000 sitting there. So o followed them to the south and watched them land over a pasture hill. I wasn't sure what they were landing on but i wanted to check it out. So while i was walking out there i watched about 5k pile into it. Then more and more landed. So i went over the hill and saw about 10k birds sititng on a pond. i looked down the hill and about 40 yards there were geese. I stood up and shoot into them and had 3 fall and then picked out 2 more that were flying. I watched them circle for about 10 minutes and i knew they wanted back in. So i ran to the truck and grabbed the 50 north winds that i was too lazy to take out from our last hunt. (good thing i didn't take them back to the storage shed).So i set them up and shot 8 more geese within like 15 minutes before getting hit by a hail storm. I went back the next day and they were sitting on the slough ajdacent to the one i hunted on before. So i used the same tacktic and shot 7 more yesterday. Well i will report more if i go out hunting again.
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I saw a small flock while playing golf at Edgewood. It is much easier to hit that little white ball then it is to try to knock down those SOB's.
I saw about 150 s&b's on highway 2 about 3 miles east of Leeds. They are on the south side of the road in a wheat field.
Still shooting geese in the bottineau-willow city area. 2 monday, didn't go tuesday, wendsday i got 5, thursday 3, Friday 11. I have just been lucky on coming across the hot spots. Other wise i think i would be getting nothing.
Buddy and I found a field with about 20 ross mixed in with a flock of canadas. His dad pushed them over us and we each picked up one. Those geese are still east of Leeds and I also saw a few on 281 up by Carrington today.
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