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Status of Wetlands Across the State

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Just curious to hear how water conditions are across the state and Canada. I have spent quite a bit of time in the southeastern part of the state this month and water conditions have significantly improved since mid-May. Temporary wetlands now have water and larger sloughs are significantly higher. The rains of May were critical this season, nesting conditions should be pretty decent thanks to all the rain. Overall wetlands appear to be lower than the last 7 year average, but a HUGE improvement from mid April.

How are things looking in other areas?
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Jason, I was in the south central part of the state and things look fabulous there as well. Everything that was dry this spring has filled with water and there is water out in the low spots in the fields. There is quite a few ducks and geese around. The goslings are looking good. Hopefully the ducks have as good of a hatch as the geese did. I'm sure the northern tier is wet. It was this spring when we were up there hunting. Sound be another good season for waterfowl!!
We're pretty good out here,but i dont think we're as wet as you guys out east.Conditions are good but not great but the rain has been constant enough to keep everything looking healthy.Partridge are making a small comback which is great to see.
We are seeing the same thing in Barnes, the sloughs are full again. 8" in six weeks. A lot of mallards are renesting, only saw one brood so far. Upland came through the winter in good shape, huns are coming back here too. Saw 3 pair in the field today. Deer everywhere. One just about ran me down in the yard last week. Please shoot deer. They eat beans.
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