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Spring Snows

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Hi everybody. I'm new to the site. I am thinking of comming to nodak for a spring snow goose hunt this year and would like to hear your opinion on where to go. I have hunted ducks and geese in the fall 4 of the last 5 years out of the mcclusky area. I am fimiliar with that area and have permission to hunt a few good farms. We see olot of snows in the fall and was wondering if this could be a good place to go in the spring and give a try or would you recomend someplace else to try. According to the ndg&f department that is too far west of there major flyway in the spring. I am a freelance hunter and do not want a guided hunt. I am also new to the spring shoot as this will be my first time out. I would appreciate any tips from all who are lucky enough to do this in there home state. thank you.

I would like to say thanks to all the nice people in the McClusky area. They have been really kind and helpful. Thanks to all.
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It can be tricky finding the right time to hunt in the spring. Last year i saw nothing until one night a few strings started flying overhead and then the next day it was a constant flight, flocks flying everywhere you looked. Following reports here of their whereabouts is a good way to keep tabs.
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