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I have been doing the spring goose thing since the first year it was offered in ND. We have had some good days in the spring, but most of the time it seems like we only get a handful of birds. I don't think it is because of location, because we have a lot of flocks passing over and get a lot to look, but most won't commit beyond that 70 to 80 yards. Am I doing something wrong, or is this typical in the spring season.

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Remember D, they are snow geese... I wish they'd always decoy like up in Sask., but after 9 months of solid hunting they can be rough.

Normally, you can expect a lot of 70 yard flares. It helps when you're decoying more juvies, as they'll commit suicide and bring the rest in.

The first few years, nobody really knew how to hunt them. Fall tactics can work, but there is suttle changes that make a big difference. The past few years we've had no snow line so the breeding geese have their mind on only one thing....going north.

If we get a snow line this year, and force the birds to'll have better responding birds. So far so good, but we need more snow (and none in SD this year :wink: )

It's hard to believe the spring season is now under 2 months away...I just put my gun away last week.
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