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Spring Season

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GNF has announced that the Conservation Season will open Feb. 22 Only 24 more days to go.Course there won't be any geese here yet. :) :)
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Kind of a tease if you ask me. I wonder if Nebraska will have numbers at that time.

Oh well...just another excuse to drive the countryside!

Sounds like you guys up north have the only snow line in the whole flyway....but we still got a month to go so we'll have to see.
I've been reading and hearing the same as Decoyer. There's still birds pusthing south. Every winter gets more and more strange. Every seems to be wondering where the heck the birds are and they aren't in the traditional areas.

I'm waiting patiently. I'm still waiting for more snow.
Welcome to the site JOSHENME,

A problem with the open water issue has been common here the last 2 springs, but with adverse affects. Instead of holding on the "thaw line" where there's no sheet water and only frozen sloughs, is that the birds have been overflying it looking for the snowline anyways. Where you find the snowline, you'll find sheetwater. Snows roost in the fields' sheetwater at night.

I use the following link to watch the snow line. There are a few others, but this has traditionally been the most accurate in my opinion:

Snow Cover Map
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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