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Spring Season

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GNF has announced that the Conservation Season will open Feb. 22 Only 24 more days to go.Course there won't be any geese here yet. :) :)
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We need two things before snows start making any kinds of pushes into ND:

1. We need them to turn around. The last couple weeks they have been headed south. There were decent numbers in Kansas and Missouri up until about 3 weeks ago, but they have headed further south into Arkansas from what I have been hearing.

2. We need at least a month of somewhat decent temps. It takes a long time for spring to kick in up here. Not like the more southern states were a week of warm weather can open everything up.

My prediction is that we won't see many geese until mid march at the earliest. I don't think the bulk will come until late March or early April. If you look at the years where we were seeing a lot of birds here in early March, Midwest states like Missouri and Kansas were wintering big numbers of birds. That just didn't happen this year.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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