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Spring Season

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GNF has announced that the Conservation Season will open Feb. 22 Only 24 more days to go.Course there won't be any geese here yet. :) :)
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Im kinda an optimist,but there could very well be birds in the state by that time. A couple three years ago they were reporting flocks a week before the opener. But a snow storm came through and pushed all the birds that were close to the border back down to lake Thompson.
But I think if Sd doesnt get any more snow we could get a push of birds by the second week in March and will probably hang up around Sand lake and Oakes. That is were there last chance to fill up with corn will be offered to them. Any were North of I- 94 they are pretty much screwed for corn. There is corn north of I-94 but not as much as the southern part of the state. Lets just hope they hang up on the snow line for a Month or so, keep your fingers crossed!!!!
All that I know is I cant wait, this is going to be A LONG FEB AND MARCH.
Im just going to have to work on my homemade floaters, and dream for the next mounth and a half!!
You also have to remember the big staging flocks of snows wont decoy worth a damn. All we need are little migrating flocks to keep use busy right boys?? Oh yeah and those juvy's on the tale end of the migration.
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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