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Spent the weekend in the Pothole Country

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I spent the past 2 days south of Jamestown and into SD. I think I can sum it up best with one pic.

Almost every temporary pothole is dry, and all permanent potholes are down. The further south you go, the more dry it is. Some areas had an abundant population of ducks....others virtually had none.

It looks pretty bleak, we need rain BAD.
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If you really want to get depressed, go to and locate your favorite hunting grounds. Most of the satellite photos are somewhat dated (most were taken at least three years ago), but most were taken in the past wet cycle. The photos show an amazing from the sky perspective of the absolute uniqueness of the prairie pothole region.
Actually, the correct terraserver address (e.g., the one that is still free) is:
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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