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I took two shots plus a booster, but I'm done with that, and I'm never taking another flue sgot ever again.
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Plainsman.... and others.

There are lots of things with the death of young people that is going on. Plus the death of others.

Here are some factors that nobody is talking about or want to talk about.

1. ENERGY DRINKS.... look at all the different "energy" drinks out there. They are high in caffeine and other caffeine style stimulants. What is that doing to people bodies and hearts? I mean more kids grab an "energy" drink in the morning than a soda or juice.

2. Work out supplements. Look at all the post work out powders and drinks. PLUS the prework out powders and drinks. This goes right along with the energy drinks. These things are full of all sorts of chemicals and caffeine type stimulants. Now mix this with hammering energy drinks. Again what does this do to the body?

3. Then the shot. We all know that the shot can cause myocarditis. Which can also be caused by getting a virus. Which is what actual flu shots do... they inject you with a very very small part of the virus which you body kills and builds up immunity.

Anyways.... mix these three things together and you can have healthy people having "sudden" deaths of young or healthy people.

Also when you look at data things need to be put into perspective as well. What I am getting at is if 1 person died in an age group. Then you have 5 people die the next year.... YES THAT IS 5 TIMES as many... but it still is a very small sample group. But to grab headlines they go with FIVE TIMES... not 5 doctors.

Now I am not saying that the Shot was 100% safe like advertised. I am not say the shot is what it was cracked up to be at all. (Look what the people with Pfzer said in an interview) We will have to wait about 3 more years to really get a grasp on what it did or didn't do. Or what the real side effects are or are not. But the biggest issue is that it was made political by our media and elected officials. Well I should say it was made political by Liberals and then the conservatives go sucked into the back and forth. Remember Trump stated to go get the shot IF YOU FEEL LIKE YOU NEED IT... ie: Your choice. The Liberals pushed the shot onto people and threatened them and what not. Then the conservatives dug in their heels and drew the line in the sand. And if anyone really disagrees with what I just said about Trump and the shot and what the media and liberals did. THEY ARE BLIND.

Here is a side note. What I am finding that is really sad right now and what happened is that the media is using ELMO and Sesame Street to push the vaccine. YES... I knew they did this before but just the other day I have been seeing an AD where they have Elmo and his dad talking about getting kids the shot. Let this sink in... they are using propaganda to children to push the vaccine. If this doesn't set off alarms for people about how media and people are "grooming" I don't know what will. What I am saying isn't "against" the shot. It is about using children and grooming them with propaganda.
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