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Some Interesting Goose Band Numbers...

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Resident Giant Canada Geese

34% of males and 16% of females loose their neck collars within 6 years of banding.
15% of males and 8% of females loose their leg bands within 6 years of banding.

Migrant Mississippi Flyway Canada Geese

90% of males and 50% of females loose their neck collars within < 4.5 years of banding.

Lesser Snow Geese

95% of males and 50% of females loose their neck collars within <4 years of banding.
It is speculated that the rate is so high due to how far north they nest. The 24 hours of sunlight and increased ultraviolet radiation has a detrimental effect on the plastic.

The loss for males is thought to be higher do to fighting amongst themselves over mates.

Source: Journal of Wildlife Management
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that is pretty interesting i wouldnt have thought that that many geese would lose their bands
Thanks Matt, I love getting cool/odd info. like that! :D Kind of makes you wonder how they find stuff like that out though.
Interesting information, now it makes perfect sense as to why a canadian official called me to see if the neck collar was on the bird, any cracks, and if the bird looked healthy. I thought it was kind of strange to get a home phone call about a neck collar.

Thanks for the info Matt!
Thanks for the info, it is very interesting
thats cool to know. that explains why i have so few bands, the birds lose em before i get around to killin em! :lol:
Great post matt never knew that ducks and geese loose there leg bands so soon after being banded.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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