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snow goose reports

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the word is that the snows that was in so dak are seen heading south in great no's.a guide in nw missouri said last nite that yesterday was one of there best days out of the last 4 wks.
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talked to a landowner in se no dak today and he told me he seen a flock of snows thursday of last wk,so it is possible for a few flocks to be around
so dak sand lake hotline said that there are over a million birds in south part of state
south dakota has got most of the geese now.nebraska has said the majority of birds are in northern nebraska and south wont be long before they are here
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called squaw creek in mo today and they report that 300,000 snows holding in the area and they also said nebraska reported to them the snows had moved out of the rainwater basin north
Hasn't everbody south of use had them long enough.We need them to get here! The way it is going South Dakota is having another bangup year, I wish we could have one like that.
Chris I have some video you should see. Two to three million geese on one lake the flock was four to five hundred yards wide by seven miles long!!! But now for the good news the snow in SD is going fast and with the curent forcast the birds will be here in a few days. I would start to watch for scout flocks by mid week and we should have a good push by weeks end.
I'm taking Thurs. and Fri. off from work. I found the "X" yesterday while scouting.

Drop me a line Dean. I've been trying to get a hold of you.

I'm heading out Wed. afternoon to scout and setting up Thurs. morning.- Sat. night. :strapped:
A couple of friends were scouting/hunting east of Oaks this morning. Not much of anything around - guess they got lucky on what you call a scout flock or they are full of BS.

They shot 15 SOBs pass shooting and another 3 when they made a sneak. One sneak on the flock they pass shot at.

They said I could post this if I left out the exact locations. They claim to have taken pictures but neither live in the computer / digital age.

Good luck. Wish I had the vacation time to hunt spring snow geese in ND. Turkey hunting runs too thick in my blood and that is where I will be spending my spring hunting days.

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Hit my email with your number again I can't send mail for some reason.It has to do with my lap top not your site.

Check your private messages through this forum, my phone numbers are there.
So do I stay home & go to church ??? Or do I go SOB hunting ??? I get Friday & Monday off. Do I need to go sit on the SD border ??? Or wait another week ??? Now don't make me scold you. This Spring SOB hunting is totaly diferent than Fall SOB hunting, in as we are suppose to wack as many as possible. They are not going to be here very long anyway. So let the carnage begin :grin: ??? ??? ???
I think everbody that is hunting this weekend will be set up right by the SD/ND border.
Just like the day that you get skunked fishing but it turns into a limit at the bar ...

I pressed these guys on their 15+ SOB day earlier this week. Said no one else is seeing much including the biologists.

They came clean. They saw a few flocks in the air and a few pheasants in the fields. Never got out of the truck except to exercise the dog. No shots fired.

So my earlier post was wrong, but this site and other sites allowed me to call their bluff.

They still were out on the prairie - while I am sitting at a computer.

Here is the link to ND snow geese migration report: ... pdate.html

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traveled from forbs to lidgerwood today and no snows to be found.I am pretty sure they all pushed south yesterday.seen them in mass heading south yesterday
seen tons of snows heading north and on the ground from oakes to tewaukon wlr yesterday.was south of hwy 11
A lot of confirmations of birds heading north from Valley City to Detroit Lakes.
Just watched about 200 specks fly over the house.
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