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Snow Goose good to eat or not ?

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Snow Goose good to eat?
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we all hear aboout sky carp sky rat's i would like to know how everybody else cooks these birds. :eek: [/b]
Bread it, smother frying pan with oil, butter, little flour to darken, salt, pepper, lots of onions, garlic, paprika, thyme, poultry seasoning, basil, bam....bamm....bamm...another notch!
Cut into 1" strips, marinate in wild plum jelly and brandy, wrap goose strip, stripped bell peppers, and green onion with 1/2 strip bacon, cook over HOT coals on the grill.
Make it into jerky or take it to the local meat market and have them make it into summer sausage if you are looking for a change.
Pick them...stuff them full of Stove Top and bake whole.
Skin them, lay bacon strips across the breast and bake them on a pan full of sauerkraut.................the best way to eat Sky Carp.
I think they taste better in the spring after feeding on grains for months than in the fall right off the tundra. In the spring I think they're pretty comparable to a honker and will save a few to pluck and roast. In the fall, it's all about the marinade! :D
Muskat...a youngster that actually likes sauerkraut?You and I would get along just fine.
I even like it right out of the jar...then drink the juice and dream in technicolor. :p :p
I love the stuff. My parents make it once a year, a 20 gallon crock full of sauerkraut, and the best is eating it right from the crock about 2 days before they 'can' it.

I dont know about drinking the juice though, sounds a little on the loopy side. :D :beer:
Only in my younger days when I had a few to many.
Who doesn't like 'kraut!? A brat just isn't a brat unless it's buried in it. I've never tried it with goose...something I'll have to remedy this spring! :D
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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