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Snow and honker decoys for sale #2

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My buddy has some stuff for sale.

9 Flambeau Standard Canadas $50 obo - good shape

12 Carrylite magnums Canadas $90 - Good shape

33 Standard carrylites snows - $5 each great shape

11 Flambeau Standard snows - $5 each - good shape need cleaning

26 G & H standard snows - $2 each they have some cracks in most but are huntable

14 G & H Blues standard - $4 each good shape
All of these are shells and all are very huntable decoys and most need nothing but to be hunted. He would cut a discount for the entire package so email me and I will pass on offers.
[email protected]
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ok i am from the lloydminister area of saskatchewan and i was wondering if you still had those deeks and if so i might want em all could u give me a price if so hust let me know on this topic or email me at [email protected]
The ad is 4.5 years old. :eek:
holy crap. who knows. he might get lucky
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