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simple reloading on a budget

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I am a college student who enjoys hunting and shooting with my friends. I have a limited budget to enjoy the sport and I am looking for a way to stretch my dollar. I am looking for a way to reload one kind of hull and powder in a 2 3/4 long 1 1/8 oz load that can be used for hunting birds and shooting trap. I want to be able to load 1150 fps, 1215fps, and a magnum load with the same hull and powder. My reloading book gives me a good possibility using AA's and sr7625 with WIAA12 and F12C1 wads.
I would like to know if this seems like a good idea or if I should just buy different componets for each kind of load. If someone has some good receipes to get these loads I would like to hear them. thanks
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Sorry Ken,
I'll take bushings any day. Once you have calibrated your bushings you are more consistant. The universal bar you need to check afeter every movement.
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