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I read the news about ND legislator Rod Froelich and separation of hunting rights from the land. He apparently feels it is a right. The property rights folks obviously agreeing. I have seen the property rights take a bigoted stand too many times. To most, it is all about dollars and immediate gratification.
They are all about rights to sell, buy and swindle but God forbid someone have the RIGHT to sell land to a public entity for the future benefit of all, perceived or otherwise. They would take away the right of an individual to put a permanent covenant on property to protect some aspect of it. I believe ND should be zoned - the best agricultural lands be protected for that purpose. This would make Fargo a no build area - and put city expansion where it belongs, in areas not productive to food and fiber. And if I want to sell my property to expand a refuge or waterfowl production area then NO ONE should be able to stop me. If any law is unconstitutional, it is the ND law that prevents any willing seller to divest to any willing buyer.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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