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selling two very nice hunting binos by Carl ZEISS Jena

Carl Zeiss Jena 7x50W Jenoptem multi-coated
Carl Zeiss Jena 10x50W Jenoptem multi-coated

Well here some details concerning the binoculars:

Jenoptem 10x50W multi-coated
weight 1020g - magnification x10 - diameter object lens 50mm - diameter exit pupil 5mm - geom. luminosity 25 - index for twillight capacity 500 - visual field 7,3° or 128 at 1000m

Jenoptem 7x50W multi-coated
weight 1010g - magnification x7 - diameter object lens 50mm - diameter exit pupil 7.1mm - geom. luminosity 50.4 - index for twillight capacity 350 - visual field 7,3° or 128 at 1000m

For the specialist who requires that little extra power, in day-light or low-light conditions, these superb wide angle glasses the ideal choice. Their high light transmission, color neutral sharp and clear image make them especially popular with hunting and astronomical enthusiasts. They wearing the best T3M multi-coating.
The Jenoptem range is the last series produced by Carl Zeiss Jena !!

Objective and ocular coating in best condition. NO scratches on the optical surfaces !!!!! Optics 100% perfect !!! Both binos fresh serviced cleaned and justified. Feel free in requesting some pictures !!

299$ each with strap and leather case

Best regards
Feel free in sending further questions and picture requests.

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Hi to all,
sorry for that late answer but the Nodak forum did not informed me about your replies. Yesterday I got the first email that somebody did sent answer ...

Here some information for you:
I have one of the last service shops for Carl Zeiss Jena and Leitz Trinovid binoculars here in east Germany. We have lots of parts and as well for the Trinovids and the Leitz Porro binos we have nearly all parts. We have years of experience and using only Zeiss & Leitz repair equipment and collimators !!

The 7x50 and 10x50 binos are in MINT condition !!!!
Here you get the serials and you can get as well pics of them:

Serials: 6224577; 6772344

Serials: 7009498;6482886

We have everytimes some other brands like Docter or Leitz binos. Feel free asking me.

Regards from the baltic
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