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Schiff Doctored J6 Texts Between Mark Meadows And Jim Jordan (

This should worry everyone.

In this article it talks about how Schiff took a text message and changed punctuation and other things. He then even leaked all of this. He is getting caught red handed. Why isn't the media covering this portion of it?

BTW... the text from Rep. Jordan to Rep Meadows.... was an attachment a lawyer sent to Jordan and then was published the next day. That is what Schiff claimed Jordan "typed" to Meadows.

From the article above: "According to a source familiar with the matter, Schiff never approached Jordan to discuss the text messages prior to chopping them up and misrepresenting them during Monday night’s hearing. Had he done so or bothered asking Jordan about the text message, Schiff would have known that Jordan was merely relaying to Meadows, without comment, an attorney’s summary of that attorney’s own legal argument as to what Pence should or shouldn’t do "

Comments... anyone?

I mean when one person is going after another and LEAKING and DOCTORING things to push a narrative instead of getting hard core facts. This shows a huge problem.

We honestly need to get facts on what happened Jan 6th. We need to know if it is the conspiracy theories of the CIA, FBI or some inside job.... or was it just idiots who broke in. Was it Trump behind it or was it some Dem's to make Trump look bad? Or like I said... was it the CIA doing what it does in other countries here in the usa (make goverments unstable so they can "overthrow"? We actually need to know facts and a leader of the committee is falsifying stuff doesn't help at all.

This is honestly scary that a person in congress can getaway doing this to documents and get away with it. Because it means others in the future could do it.... no matter the political party affiliation. THAT IS THE ISSUE!!!
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