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Save the M-14

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Anyone who has had the opportunity to shoot an M-14 service rifle will probably agree with me that it is a great weapon. The top link is an on-line petition to encourage Congress to sell de-militarized (i.e. semi-auto capable only) M-14s through the DCM program instead of using taxpayer $$ to destroy them. Probably not much chance of this happening (IMHO), but if you agree that it should be done, please take 15 seconds to sign the survey.

Second link is to the DCM. Looks like they still have M-1 Garands for sale but they have almost doubled in price since I got mine.
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The M14 replaced the M1 Garand. The M14 had a selector switch to enable it to fire fully automatic or in semi automatic mode. It was an exceptional weapon in semi automatic mode. The 7.62 Nato or .308
Win round as we know it, created a little too much recoil in a hand held rifle to allow full auto firing without the rifle jumping into the air. It was phased out during the Vietnam era in favor of the 5.56 or .223 Win chambered M16 mostly due to weight. You can carry a lot more .223 rounds than .308 rounds (the m16 is also lighter) I have fired both the M16 and the M14, and always thought the M14 was the better rifle, but I may be biased as I have only shot a few hundred rounds through an m16, but have fired several thousand through an M14. My father who is a combat veteran at the time they phased out the M14 and went to the M16 also tells me that the M14 was more durable and reliable in combat conditions.

A lot of law enforcement agencies in the state have acquired service rifles for use in their work. In the M14, the selector switch as often been removed.

Dick is correct, Springfield Armory sells a civilian version of the M14 called the M1A. The only major difference is the rifle is semi automatic. It is available in a bunch of configurations such as the national match which is used for competition and has some extras such as a match barrel etc.
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Great info links Qwack, I should have looked at them before I wrote my last post. :lol:
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