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screwgunner said:
I know alot of you are skeptical about use of riffle powder in a muzzleloader. I was too, but one day at the range a fellow shooter came over and we started talking . That lead to me putting a double load of powder in 84 grains of 5744 it was like getting hit buy a stun gun!!!! Well, i had to check the gun out before i ever shot it again . I shoved a .54 cal.lead ball down the barral and it was a even push all the way through. I could not beleave it.
I will never again shoot a double load but as far as the safety of a 10 ml II I am satisfied :sniper:
Glad it turned out ok for you, I know that earlier versions of the 10ML had some issues with catastophic failure when using smokeless powder. I believe they changed the metallurgy of the barrel and it took care of the issue.

I bet it kicked like a mule, but, I doubt it was like a stun gun. If you like I can hook you up with a 5 second ride at 50,000 volts......that way you could compare and you'd know if it was like getting hit with a stun gun. :wink: 8) :iroll:


1 - 1 of 38 Posts
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