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There may be a bill introduced which would change the
Game and Fish advisory board to a commission. The Game
and Fish director would then receive his directions
from the newly created commission.
There may also be "private property rights" bill
introduced which may contain a "no trespass" clause.

1st part is a Great idea !!! -Depending on who & how Commision Members are appointed ??? If it ends up with all or the majority just supporting the Govenor than - the ineffective system we have now (would be better) cause now their just advisory.

Either way the Director has to be Politically Savy & understand issues from all perspectives & do whats truely best for Hunters & the Resources 1st. No commission would ever Fire a Director for doing the right things - without major backlash from hunters & thinking people of ND. (neither should a Govenor)

The 2nd part is no surprise - But who knows ??? this session (as wacky as it appears to be going) Maybe it will have more momentum ??? Mainly because of mis-informed people, from rural areas & towns & landowners. Because of articles like the one from Editor of the Benson County Farmers Press.
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Part 2.

I would bet any one on this site that a NO Tresspass bill has been entered at least 12 of the past 15 sessions (30 years). Typically does not even make it out of committee or the NR (natural resource) committee recommends a DO NOT PASS. But as Fetch says - this year may be different. Keep an eye open.
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