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Well I hope I didn't screw anyones hunting up but i was hunting the River south of bismarck, on the edge, not the bars. We didn't shoot any roosts, the damn things flew at 6:30 while we were blowing up our raft to cross the backwaters. Only sin i commited this weekend was killing, yes dead, a goose at 80 yards with 1 shot. Yes it was 80, i may be a newbie but we can count yardage. To see a goose do a double backflip about 2 seconds after you shoot is an amazing thing to watch. We got 2 today by decoying, i think it was like 20 yards or less. You could see the snot in his nose. That is definately a more exciting way to do it, but i wanted that first goose soooo bad i had to take a shot on saturday. Ill try not to piss you off to much man, but i dont have all the resources to scout all around, plus the fact that river bottoms are about the only thing public where there is anything. Good Luck This Season....
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