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House Democrats introduce ‘rolling registry’ bill for undocumented immigrants (

I need to know more about this and what not. But this was something I have talked about in the past.

I have said that immigration laws need to help people who have been "clean" record other than the fact that they are here illegally a better way to citizenship.

This might be a work around on how to do it.

The only thing is that it states that it might take away some control or approval away from congress. I need to know how it works or what does that mean. The reason is because it shouldn't change with whomever is in office or whomever is appointed to the overseeing position. What I mean is you could get a radical one way or another in that position and things could change or go haywire.

But lets just say someone has been in the country 10+ years, no criminal record, paid taxes, been employed the whole time, etc. Why not help them become a citizen.
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