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Roe V Wade going away

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You think the liberals lost their mind over Musk buying Twitter. Watch the news tomorrow morning. You think Jan 6 was an insurrection. it was nothing. The Supreme Court is turning the question of abortion over to the states.

Politico broke the story that a leak came from the Supreme Court. I think this is a historical first. You can bet it came from a liberal activist. They don't care how much damage they do to the integrity of the Supreme Court. The more they can damage our history, our constitution. and our institutions the better they like it. All this destruction is on purpose from Bidens office, from Obamas in the past, and into the streets, it's all orchestrated and I think Obama is still pulling the strings that makes the Marxists dance.
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People will say that the possible decision on Roe vs Wade is the big issue. NO IT ISN"T. It is the fact that someone leaked this. That person needs to be found and punished to the fullest extent.

Now back to the Roe vs Wade. If what is being reported is "true" it will leave it up to each state to determine the law. I will see it going back to what was the status quo. Or it will be outlawed something like after 20 weeks or a heartbeat type bill. I don't see them completely outlawing abortion.

If people who are kicking and screaming about this. LOOK WHAT CA just passed. Same with TX. It is allowing the states to make the law not at the federal level. It really isn't going to change a thing. It is just another reason for the left to go crazy or a really non-issue.

I think this leak happened as more of a smoke screen to get the news cycle back on hating republicans. I am talking about the LEAK. It is to get people all up in arms about something that really is nothing. IMHO.

A little history....The 1973 Roe decision was decided 7-2 and written by a Nixon appointee (REPUBLICAN APPOINTED). The 1987 Casey decision upholding Roe was written by a Reagan appointee on a Court w/ 8 justices appointed by GOP presidents.

So like I stated.... I dont see Abortion getting outlawed or banned at all.


BTW... what is getting leaked is just an OPINION of 1 justice. The ruling will happen in about 2 months.

See what I mean this is a possible "smoke screen" to draw attention away from things or to try and help the dismal poll numbers right now. Just something to keep an eye on for sure. But again it means nothing until a ruling comes out in about 2 months.
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Something I have been reading is about many "media" experts are talking about is this:

This Roe vs Wade is about to "reshape" the up coming elections. HMMMMMMMMMM..... so maybe that is why it got "leaked". Just like I mentioned above.

Just something to keep an eye on.

To be honest... all these "leaks" should be worrisome to everyone no matter you political affiliation. Think about all the "leaks" that have happened in the past 5+ years or so. Started with Trump and now keeps going. If you remember they were all POLITICAL BS. So now is it the "norm" to leak something to try and sway things your way or not. Again... this should scare everyone because it just has to deal with whom ever is in power. Be it a Dem, Rep, etc. If things are not going the direction they want it... BOOM... leak something.

Many are saying this was leaked and might intimidate the court in a certain direction.
This is a letter by Justice Roberts on the leak. Look how he states that this is in no way the FINAL opinion that is being released. BTW... it has come out that the leaked opinion has been circulating since FEB. So over 2 months ago was the opinion that was leaked written.

Again just things to think about and to keep an eye on.

Was this "leak" just a smoke and mirrors things to rally political numbers to hopefully change polls????

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Sorry for all the individual replies on this but things keep popping into my head on this. Plus some of the stuff is different.

Anyways.... two things to think about or question people on this. Especially when you hear public officials talk.

1. They are using WOMENS RIGHTS as a screaming point. Well are they the same ones who can't define a woman? Are they the same ones saying there are no "genders" or "genders are not defined"... etc. How can they scream womens rights then? Just things to think about.

2. Some are saying... our body our choice.... OK... How did you talk or feel about vaccine mandates? Mask Mandates? etc. Just saying or something to point out. You cant have it one way and then another.

The reason why I was bringing these two things up is that the far left has brought this upon themselves with the constant moving of goal posts. I also bring this up since the recent supreme court nomination went on record saying "she cant define a woman". This is an issue. REMEMBER I BROUGHT THAT UP IN DISCUSSION.... (y)

Just things to think about and to watch. THIS ALSO GOES FOR PEOPLE WHO WERE ANTI VAX... see what they say about this. Hypocrisy is going to running on both sides of this issue with what we just went thru with covid.

Again i am in the wait and see approach on this because the actual decision isn't set to be released until June. This is just one opinion that is circulating. Then by reading what Justice Roberts posted above shows you that the possible "leaked" opinion might not be that justices final stance at all. Time will tell on this. But it is funny watching the melt down by so many people on this. Shows you how weak our society has become and how they are taking this as "law" when it isn't at all. It isn't even the decision it is just internal communications between justices hashing out things. It is like a debate....point/counter points. Again time will tell.
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This picture isn't to make light of the actual situation. But this is something that the radical left has put into motion.... remember that there isn't a "woman" they are "birthing people"... remember there are more than 2 genders.... biology doesn't matter it is "how you feel"... etc. Like I mentioned above and in the latest supreme court nomination thread.... When a justice can't "define" a woman.... how can they render a judgement on Roe vs Wade or womens productive rights... etc.

Like I keep saying... time will tell. Also pay attention what else is going on... AOC, Bernie, among others right away brought up more justices (court packing), ending the filibuster, etc. If Congress moves forward to codify Roe vs Wade or abortions into federal law watch them sneak other things into that bill/law. Just wait and see. I hope I am wrong on that... but so far I think i have a pretty good batting average.

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AOC calls Sen. Kyrsten Sinema 'an obstructionist' and says she should be primaried for not supporting filibuster reforms to pass abortion protections (

Look at this article... talks about the filibuster.... HMMMMMMMM

Just saying... pay attention what could be going on. It might not be actually about abortion or womans rights that is at play here.

BTW... my thoughts on the filibuster or needing 60 votes in the Senate. I LIKE IT. Because that makes the idiots in DC to try and work together. Other wise it would just be you need 50 votes and the VP would make the final say. So all that would really matter is who is in office. Which would be a disservice to our country. Notice how I didn't say anything about political party affiliation on that. :cool: (y)
Analysis: The Supreme Court may have just fundamentally altered the 2022 election (

This article goes to the point I made about the "leak".... it was pure political to try and turn the polls around.

In Feb Bidens poll numbers were around 44% approval... end of April he was at about 41%.... Last year in April he was about 53%.

If you dont think this "leak" was politically motivated, you need to wake up.

Like I mentioned... I will wait to see how the actual court decides on this matter in June. Right now it is just pure political theatre. IMHO.
So lets just show you how crazy some of our elected officials are going on this....

Eric Swalwell posted: "Republicans wont stop with banning abortions. They want to ban interracial marriage. Do you want to save that? get out and vote."

YEAH... really??? Interesting. Where is the "ministry of Truth" going out and stopping this mis-information?? BTW... some liberals on Tik Tok are calling for violence. HMMMMMM....

Like I mentioned people look past this and really see what is going on.

BTW... to go along with my smoke and mirrors theory. How come nobody is talking about the Pfizer data coming out about the vaccine and how they LIED to all of us. Hmmmmmm.....

Just saying to everyone... Keep your eyes open. Why was an opinion that was going around back in FEB all of a sudden got released????

yes I will admitt... my tinfoil hat is on extra tight and I might have to watch the movie CONSPIRACY THEORY again tonight. :unsure::unsure:🤣🤣 Just hope I dont see black SUV's circling my neighborhood.

Another thing to think about... POLITICO sat on the Hunter Laptop story right before the 2020 election and now published this story right before the midterms start to heat up. HMMMMMMMM

Like I stated.. .Lets just wait and see. This whole thing could be a nothing burger once the actual decision comes out in June. Or are they trying to pressure the rest of the court? Or is this setting up the Senate to try and draw up "charges" against the 3 justices that were appointed by Trump? Just more things to watch.

Yeah I know I have replied over and over and over on this. Just want people to think for themselves and hopefully look at things with wide lenses.

You will see alot of people point out Biden's history on abortion. How he was for it to go back in the hands of the state. He was against roe vs wade decision... etc. They you will hear the left scream... Well he can change his mind in the past 40 years. Yes he can... So can the court about what was LEAKED. Again what was leaked isn't the final say of the court. Just like I have stated... wait until June before getting completely outraged or to celebrate.
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Sorry for one more... but things keep getting put out about this and the sad part it is starting to look like I was correct about why the leak happened....

If this picture is true... Look at the time and date and when the "leak" happened. Planned Parenthood announced this before the leak... HMMMMMM

Is a political party trying to rally funds????

Again if this is all true... this is stuff to look at people.

edit: added in another picture... also this is why many fight to not federally fund Planned Parenthood. Because they do give money to political parties. IE: your money could go to a party you dont agree with.

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ALSO.... If this decision is accurate and becomes the majority.... IT DOESNT MAKE ABORTION ILLEGAL. It just makes the states responsible or have the power to regulate Abortions. One state could say abortion is illegal while another say you can kill a baby 1 week after it is born. Dont let the media lie to you.
Planned Assassins is spending 150 million on midterms????? Isnt this the people always begging for more taxpayer dollars? If we give them money then they spend it to support democrat politicians they are little more than another liberal money laundering scheme.

Chuck like you said it will still be legal in many states. The problem isvliberals want to force their agenda on blue states. They are always forcing their satanic wishes on others. I never thought our society coukd go down hill as fast as it has since Obama and Biden. Trump was just a hiccup in our death throws. More each day what was bad is good, and what was good is bad. Christians are persecuted in many parts of the world already, but it's going to get bad here too. Things are really looking good becausevthings are really looking bad, and we know how it ends.
Sorting fact from fiction in Democratic reactions to Supreme Court leak (

This is a good article talking about how the Hysteria of the "leak" isn't warranted. It shows how that if the draft becomes the actual decision it wont outlaw interracial marriage, privacy in the bedroom, etc. All the stuff many Congress people are kicking and screaming about. It also talks about how abortion won't be OUTLAWED. It gives examples at the end how some states are positioning themselves to already make changes to laws in place.

This shows you when cooler heads just sit back and wait.... you will see what things really are. Again this leak is no way shape or form set in stone. Wait to see what the final decision is by the WHOLE COURT.

Like I stated. I firmly believe this "leak" was more of a political motive to try and rally voters and funds before midterms. They can't use the pandemic anymore because that "star" has faded. BTW.... I think another super spreader event just happened at the WH correspondence event... So if that is True... just wait... we will see another push for "masks" and what not. Remember how I stated come voting time we will see a push for "mail in votes".... Did that event re-ignite that only time will tell.
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Five key lines from Alito's draft overturning Roe v. Wade (

Another good article breaking down what was actually in the "draft". Again this isn't the decision at all by the court. But breaks it down for people pretty good. It should calm some of the hysteria and lies being talked about by many on both sides. Also if this draft does become the decision by the whole court. It doesn't at all OUTLAW an abortion, it doesn't take away any women's rights or any reproductive rights, it doesn't make the court want to over rule any gay marriage, interracial marriages, segregation, etc. It just would put back the issue onto the states and possible bring laws to the ballot box. It is actually giving people on either side of the issue MORE CONTROL via state elections.

Yes there are some states that will have the immediate impact of laws going into banning right away... like 13 states. But others will go the otherway. Like I mentioned in CA and what not.

But again for the 100th time.... THIS ISNT THE FINAL DECISION AT ALL BY THE COURT. Just wait and see.
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So right now Psaki and Biden both stated that if the draft opinion is true that now states will go after LGBTQ kids in class rooms and segregate them. THEY ARE LYING. All they are doing is trying to strike fear.

This goes back to my original opinion that this was all leaked to rally a voter base and what not. Why would they be lying right now when the actual draft that was leaked stated that what they are saying is 100% false and can't happen.
Here we go again with idiots not reading exactly what he wrote.

Law experts warn that leaked SCOTUS draft opinion on Roe v. Wade exposes a weak spot that puts the use of contraceptions and other privacy rights at risk (

They are talking about how now "contraceptives" and stuff will be under attack....

So lets go back to the fact that the media and other "legal experts" are forgetting what Alto said in this leaked draft...

Alito's draft emphasizes that his ruling was a narrow one and would not spillover to decisions on issues like same-sex marriage (Obergefell v. Hodges), sex between gay couples (Lawrence v. Texas) and the right to contraception (Griswold v. Connecticut). The Memo: Five consequences if the Supreme Court strikes down Roe v. Wade Harris says women's rights are under attack in forceful speech

"Nothing in this opinion should be understood to cast doubt on precedents that do not concern abortion," Alito wrote.
Huckabee Sanders calls out 'mind-boggling hypocrisy' as Psaki defends activists going to justices' homes (

This article talks about how Biden and Psaki say that going to a Supreme Court Justices HOME to do a peaceful protest isn't wrong.

hmmmmm..... remember they are going after Trump for telling people to do a peaceful protest. Think about this everyone... Hypocrisy runs deep doesn't it.

Also remember that this is why Republicans are worried about the actual LEAK to put pressure on the court and its Justices about rulings.... out of FEAR not what the constitution says. But I guess Democrats dont care about the actual leak as long as they get what they want. So next time a big decision comes before the court should a bunch of right wing whackos go protest the justices homes???? Just saying... if it is ok for one group it is good for all groups... isn't it?
Female House Democrats condemn criminalizing women's reproductive health (

MORE OUTRIGHT LIES by our political leaders...

From the article:
Pelosi said Republicans want a nationwide ban on abortion. And she asserted they won't stop with stripping abortion rights away from millions of American women.
NOT TRUE. Some want the states to decide, Some want to have it like it is...a time frame to have an abortion and not that you can have it all the way up until you are sitting on the table giving birth. WHICH WAS WHAT THE SENATE WAS TRYING TO PASS!!!

Also the "leak" will not take away abortion at all. It just brings it to the state State Congress makes/passes laws, a bill or law gets introduced to VOTE ON BY THE PEOPLE AT THE BALLOT BOX. So it is out of the hands of state congress... etc.

"Make no mistake. Once Republicans shred long-standing precedent and privacy rights, they intend to wage an all-out assault on more of our rights, including access to contraception and marriage equality," Pelosi said.
ANOTHER LIE... nobody ever said they would go after contraceptives or marriage equality. BTW... that was a state issue wasn't it. You know marriage equalities... hmmmm. See how many states stepped up and made it equal. Just saying. Also the LEAK stated that it couldn't go after those things as well.

Again... if anyone actually read what the Senate bill was about. IT was about allowing full term abortions and making that federal LAW. So yeah... not what these people are kicking and screaming. It wasn't about codifying what actually was in R vs W... it was more extreme.
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This graphic shows you as of TODAY what the laws are in each state in regaurds to abortion. 3 states have it "illegal" if you abort after 5 1/2 months of pregnancy. So when a liberal goes off about how it will be banned everywhere they are wrong. When talking heads on the media saying OH NO IT WILL BE ILLEGAL... No it wont. There are only 18 states that make it illegal after 6 months. SO OVER HALF THE COUNTRY will allow abortion after 6 months. This should put all of this into perspective.

Yet people are torching churches and places. Remember this was also not a decision on it at all.

Again the states could make laws changing this. But for LAWS it has to be a vote by the people or the people elect who they want in those states.
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