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I received this job posting from a contact at the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation. If anyone is interested send me a PM, and I will forward you the e-mail.

Lands Program Manager

Reports to: Regional Vice President
Department: Field Operations
Classification: Exempt

Job Summary:
The primary responsibility is to seek and solicit donated conservation easements to meet organizational mission goals. Additionally, this position will seek opportunities for fee title acquisitions, purchased conservation easements, assembled land exchanges, and land donations. The position will assist in developing focus areas and plans where land projects will be pursued. This position will occasionally assist in related habitat conservation programs to include habitat enhancement, conservation education, and public relations. Responsibilities also include seeking planned gifts, individual donations, and bargain sales to raise funds for RMEF's mission efforts.

Essential Functions:
1. Lands Selection-The incumbent will assist in developing primary focus areas for the lands program activities in RMEF's state, regional, and national conservation planning efforts. Additionally, the incumbent may also assist in more comprehensive planning. The position will be responsible to develop annual goals for the area of responsibility.

2. Lands Transactions-The incumbent will be responsible for assessing the priority for projects, determining the type of transaction, negotiating the terms and conditions, preparing and presenting appropriate documents and coordinating with all parties pertinent to the transaction. Contracting for appraisals, ensuring due-diligence and coordination of legal review is required. This position will recommend land projects to the V.P. of Operations, prepare Board Committee summaries, and work closely with the Lands and Legal departments for review and advice.

3. Agency and Organizational Interaction - The incumbent will be expected to effectively network with a variety of agency, corporations, land trusts, conservation organizations, and individuals to seek projects and partnerships. Close coordination and communication with the Legal department, other related staff, RD's, Development Officer, and Volunteer State Chairs is essential.

4. Development and Fundraising -This position will assist in raising revenues for RMEF through negotiated opportunities such as bargain sales and planned gifts related to the lands transactions. Developing relationships and seeking donations such as habitat partnerships and stewardship grants is also a responsibility.

5. Budgets-The incumbent will be responsible to prepare an annual work plan and budget and monitor progress periodically through the year.

6. Public Relations-Seeking opportunities and cooperating with RMEF's RD's and volunteers to enhance knowledge and celebrate RMEF's achievements is important. Preparing land project summaries, assisting in land project dedications, and speaking at selected events will periodically be necessary to enhance RMEF's visibility.

Supervision of Others:
Supervision of clerical or contract employees may be required.

Additional Responsibilities:
To attend appropriate training and organizational meetings as required. Manage various administrative requirements. Assist in other areas as determined by the Regional V.P. of Operations.

Education and Experience:
A minimum of a bachelor's degree in natural resources or related field. Background and experience in appraisal review, fee title real estate transactions, conservation easements, and negotiations is very important. Understanding of wildlife and wildlife habitat and understanding of and experience in relationships with state and federal agencies, timber corporations and land trusts is desired. Ability to interact and communicate with a diversity of private landowners and other individuals is critical.

A minimum of five years of full-time professional experience in the real estate, wildlife conservation, land management or stewardship field or a combination of these areas is desired.

Knowledge, Skills, Abilities:
1. Thorough knowledge of the RMEF's mission, goals, organizational structure and

activities, including biological, social and political elements that shape them, and the
ability to promote them.

2. Sound grasp of basic lands transaction procedures, the legal requirements, documentation, tax implications, and the relationships between the parties involved.
3. Knowledge and comprehension of biology, habitat relationships, and basic
principles of wildlife ecology.

4. Ability to identify funding sources and seek funding support.

5. Knowledge of the roles, authorities and responsibilities of federal, state and county
governments and work-related experience dealing with at least one level of government.

6. Excellent written and verbal communication skills.

7. Ability to use office equipment (e.g., computers, faxes, etc.). Proficient and knowledgeable enough with computers to conduct business from a home office.

8. Strong interpersonal and negotiation skills and the ability to work constructively with a wide variety of entities. Ability to supervise and provide direction and support to subordinates.

9. Ability to perceive and establish long-term goals, to develop and implement programs that are cohesive, progressive and that are mission-oriented.

10. Ability to develop and manage a budget.

11. An understanding of the responsibilities and mission of public land management
organizations, public wildlife management organizations, and non-profit conservation

12. Ability to work independently without frequent, direct supervision and to remain focused
on goals and objectives.

13. Ability to work as a team player and strive to cooperatively accomplish a task.

14. Ability to creatively utilize available resources and information to develop knowledge and perspective in achieving identified goals.

15. Ability to coalesce a diversity of interests, resource, and individuals into a cohesive and
cooperative body with a shared understanding and goal (i.e., leadership).

16. Working knowledge of other fundraising techniques such as planned giving, estate planning and the ability to solicit gifts and steward donors.

Physical Demands:
The incumbent will encounter both office and field conditions. Office work will require sitting or standing for long periods of time, frequent use of office equipment such as telephones, faxes and computers, and light lifting, bending and physical exertion. Frequent travel by automobile, airplane, horse, foot or mechanized ORV's will be required. Physical exertion in getting to and inspecting properties will require very good to excellent physical capability and health. Walking, hiking, climbing and riding may all be required.

The above is intended to describe the general content of and requirements for the performance of the job. It is not
to be construed as an exhaustive statement of essential functions, responsibilities or requirements.

Supervisor:__________________________________________ Date:______
Vice President:_______________________________________ Date:______
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