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Rem.11-87 VS. Winch. Super X2

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Can decide between the 2.
I want o purchase either the remington
11-87 upland special,
or the Winchester Super x2

I noticed the upland special has only
a 23" barrel, I wonder if this will
be a problem since I am
use to shooting with a 30".

I mabe leaning more towards the
Winchester anyway, but wants some feed back
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You need to ask 'What do you want out of this gun'? In giving you a reccomendation on which gun to buy it'd be helpful to know what type of hunting you're planning on using it for. Are you more of an upland guy who occassional shoots 'fowl? Are you more of waterfowl hunter who occassionally goes after upland birds? Do you shoot geese or primarily go after ducks? What other shotguns do you own (I.E. is this guns intent to be an all around gun or is it filling a niche that you're other guns can't) We just need to know what you're needs are in a gun if we're going to try to help reccomending one for ya.:D
I've personally always liked a little longer barrel, even for upland. I just like the way they swing and I always seem to shoot better with them. The 11-87 upland is a gun nice and the english grip stock does seem to shoulder quicker. Personally though, I'm not a big fan of 'pointy' guns with short barrels (then again I'm also mostly a waterfowl hunter), but if you're strictly an upland guy that may be the way to go. The only down side to the 11-87 is all the parts it has compared to a superX2. On the X2 it has a self-contained piston and very few moving parts. Whereas the 11-87 has I think 27 or 28 moving parts and can be a little more of a chore dissasembling for cleaning. Plus if you ever are going to shoot waterfowl the X2 would be just as home on the slough as it would be traversing the uplands.

I have an old model 11 too, truly an awesome gun. I get it out once or twice each season to shoot it but mainly it's in retirement these days.
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1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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