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That they are mostly just another worthless gimmic. Have tried them about ten times now and don't think I/we have kept one in the air for over 30 minutes with anything less than a 25 mph wind. A friend received one of the Lightweight models as a replacement and it did not live up to it's claim of flying with less wind. As a matter of fact it flew worse than the original models.

Seems that occasionally they would get birds to turn however they would flare as soon as they got within 100 yards of the the reelwing. I guess they do work in a manner. Every time one would crash we would wait 10 minutes before trying to launch it again. Every time we tried to launch it our wandering through the decoys would cause geese to show up. :)

I'm sure there are situations in which they actually do work but then I have heard of people decoying geese with paper plates too. Almost anything will work under the right circumstances I just have not found it for this product.

We may try restringing them with fireline to see if using a fine line will cut wind resistance and give them a bit more lift.
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