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Red River Fishing Report

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Bro and I fished north of Argusville.Moved a couple times and found gold before dark in cats and eyes.We rigged up 1 rod for each.In the end we released about a dozen walleyes and twice that in catfish.fished only backpools with crawlers.
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Were you using plain hooks or jigs, spinners etc?Weighted off the bottom? If you were could you tell me colors that you were using. Anything would be very helpful. Hopefully I will actually be able to go out fishing this weekend. Thanks a bunch.
sorry gander, I didnt see your reply. Went out again last night and fishing continues to be alright. Cat action is way down but I wont complain about catching walleyes to fill the cat void. We used 1/2-1 oz weights and a 8" snell with a clear floater and crawlers. 7 walleyes in 3 hours between 2 of us aint bad, but the biggest was only 20".
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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