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Alcohol as you know will almost dry itself. So you swab with it, then a dry patch and the bore is normally pretty dry. If it is a percussion lock, WINDEX works real well. The dollar store glass cleaner works fine. Spritz the patch and swab with that.
At the range swab between each shot to avoid huge build ups of carbon making it hard to swab. You don't normally hunt with a rifle with a fowled bore so why would pratiac with one.

I use patches that are pre loaded with alcohol some times. their sold in a box of one hundred for less than 5 bucks. I also use normal patching that I dip in a bit of alcohol to swab with between shots.

range sessions should not be just about working up a load.
Once the load is worked up then you should shoot with out patching the bore to see how many shots before the groups fall off. Most of my ML's won't do over 3 shots before the groups take the hand cart to He77.
You should also shot with the protection you use on the muzzle for hunting during a misty rain or down right down pour.

:D Al
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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