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Pornography for tots

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We have a fight going in North Dakota to keep pornography out of the kids section of public libraries. The left has no shame.

Let this soak in:
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People need to hang!
my gawd are you all disgusting. Talk about character assassination and blatant homophobia.

And they allow you to be an Administrator of this forum?
Says a leftist whose party has banned Huckleberry Fin, To Kill a Mockingbird, and several Dr. Suess books!!

Conservative want sexually explicit books out of school!!!
Democrats want to show kids about their perverted sexual conduct way too early in order to indoctrinate them that it is the norm!!!
speck... hit the nail right on the head. Especially about those books that the left banned or got banned/kicked out of schools.

I know this was about Homosexuality and what not. But it goes hand in hand with what is happening in FL.

Look at the books they dont want in schools or be taught in florida. They are saying it is all about not teaching about slavery and what not... WRONG. It is about teaching CRT, the 1619 project, and what not.

You know that the 1619 project has been criticized by many liberals as LIES and false. Many liberals and dems dont think CRT is correct and what not. But yet you dont hear the left media actually talking about what CRT is and the 1619 project. They just keep saying... Well they dont want to teach about slavery and the bad things in history. WRONG... they can still teach about that. They cant teach that skin color will "hold you down" and what not. They can't teach to feel guilty over skin color. They can't teach the myth of "privilege" and what not.
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Social media has completely cut communication of conservatives.
The only reason to defend the sexually explicit books in children's libraries is to groom them. To many 30 year old liberals fantasize burried in a six year old boy. Pedophiles!!!
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