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The only group that feels she did well is those who had a vested interest in liking her before the debate. Many of you fall into that category.
Right back at you. Of all the people I know your the most biased Palin hater. I'm not just knocking you either it's a fact. Have you ever taken 30 seconds to look at her objectively. Don't even try bs me now. :D

Looks like that many voter panels assembled agreed with my analysis.
Is that stuff expensive?

Once again, the usual political analysis from here is skewed and doesn't reflect what joe common on main street America feels.
Now even most self proclaimed Palin haters don't agree with you on that statement. Your not walking on thin ice, your six feet down, drowning, and think your on dry land. That last statement truly left the reason reservation.

Don't believe me?
Oh, I would never think your intentionally trying to mislead anyone. I just don't think you have an inkling what is going on in the real world outside your keyboard. You had to dig hard to find anyone who said Biden won. Most of the polls give it to Palin. The Drudge report poll puts Biden at 28%, Palin at 70% and undecided at 2%. That is a better reflection of everything on TV this morning.

I'm sorry, but if you want a clear picture your going to have to lift that veil of hate from your eyes. There is no possible way your opinion can get that askew of reality unless you have an emotional dislike for the woman.

My opinion is it was a lot like the McCain/Obama debate. Leaving emotion aside there was no real clear winner to the undecided. I liked what Palin said, and if memory serves me right she did catch Biden stepping outside the realm of truth. She is also correct that Obama's plan will be higher taxes for people far under Biden's stated $250,000. Unfortunately not many people are interested enough to pursue the truth, they will base their decision on what the two of them said and nothing more.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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