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Info on ND PLOTS land. Haying and etc....
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I have a further question on PLOTS. How do you guys work who hunts the land? Here in Indiana all the public land is controlled and you have to check in and register. I assume that is not the case in ND. What is the proper etiquette for hunting the land. The first guys there? When do you figure a piece of ground has too many hunters? Also access, I see that the plots and other public lands are walking access only. Some of those hungs of land are really big. Do they have what we in Indiana would call two track access into them? Thanks for the help. I plan to be there with a long time friend and two dogs on Oct. 12. We hope to let the dogs get some good work, renew old friendship and maybe even shot a bird or two.

1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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