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Info on ND PLOTS land. Haying and etc....
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Typically it is a first come basis-but this isn't always the case. For example; I have hunted the same area for many years and 1 area is a large wildlife management track. In years past you might see a few people in there on any given day-however it is big enough and typically inhabits alot of birds. However, last year there were probably 80-90 people in there on opening day, (most of which had Minnesota & WS plates) People were practically stepping on one another. I just gave up and took vacation during the week to hunt. If I were to recommend anything:

1. Hunt the public land during the week and try to avoid on weekends-usually full of people.

2. If you get the time- ask some area landowners- there are still alot of "good ones" out there, (I like to get their name and address and send a Thank You and maybe gift certificate).

3. Some landowners in the Central Part of the state have signs that say Hunting Granted with Permission- it is a green sign. Some of the land is really good and off the beaten path-look for those parcels and take the time to visit the landowner.

Just some tips that have worked for me in these tough access times.
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1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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