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Pheasant Decision

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After reading the Forum this morning, for you NR's that's the local paper, I'm wondering if anyone else has a question as to whether some of our advisory board members really have a clue as to what's been happening or have biased opinions.

Rita Greer, an advisory board member from Marion ND was quoted as saying, "Sometimes all you have to do is ask the farmer. Buy him a cup of coffee. Ask him, 'Can I hunt on your land?' and I think you'll find you can," I wonder how often Ms. Greer actually tries this. I've tried to hunt in the Marion area and have had some luck with the farmers but most have not given permission.

Ken Toop, the advisory board member from Casselton, said, hunters "want to hunt in our state, and they want to go to other states and hunt, but they don't want anybody else to come to our state and hunt." "That's kind of the feeling I get out of some of the Fargo hunters sometimes."
Any wonder there's an East/West problem. I thought the advisory board members were somewhat unbiased and would listen to ALL the ideas that are expressed by ALL the hunters in the state. We as a group of hunters and fishermen (women also) have to get to all the advisory board meetings in the future to see what and how things are being presented.

How does one get to be an advisory board member? Are they wardens or people interested the outdoors?

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Well,stand up and take a pat on the back...The governor has scraped the early opener.He also has stated he wants the GNF to increase the PLOTS and Coverlock programs from the current 165,000 acres to 300,000 in 3 years and to 500,000 in 5 yrs.
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