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People on the Ice!!

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How many inches of ice before you get on the ice?
3-4 iches213.33%
4-6 inches640.00%
6-8 inches640.00%
8-10 inches16.67%
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Word has it that there are people going out on Baldhill. I don't know what kind of luck they are having. I guess there is 3-4" where they are going out on. This is on the northside of the crossing. The the guy I talked too said, "I like to ice fish, but just not that bad!" I also heard that guys were going on the southside on Hobart. I wouldn't want a cold bath that bad!! Be Safe Guys!!
Im not going out until i see alot of guys walkin out across the ice!
I'll give it a couple weeks. There's a point where you're a hardcore, but there's also a point where you're a moron. :splat:

Be safe everyone!
Saw people driving on 7" or less last year, not quite that brave myself. When you drive on ice that is thin, it makes funny noises, this I can guarantee. Some guy in a full sized pickup drove past me last year on 7" of ice and all I can say is that I thought I was going threw the ice too.SCARRY! a couple of fish isn't worth a trip to the morgue or a missing pickup full of equipment. THINK ABOUT IT
Amen to that Brad!!! I saw the same thing in northern MN last year. I was questioning driving the 4-wheeler on the ice and there were people driving pickups on the ice.
I agree.Use common logic.And just because there's a vehicle out there doesn't mean it's safe!
Anybody starting to venture out onto the pipe yet??? Im really getting itchy to hit the ice[/u][/b]
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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