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Other ducks

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OK. You scouted the slough the night before. Mallards were there heavy.

Next morning you are set up. First hour ducks everywhere - no greenheads.

How many of you would keep waiting ?

How long ?

How many of you start shooting gadwalls, bluebills, and teal ?

How many ? - a limit or do you hold out for a few greenheads ?
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If youve done your scouting and your sure nobody has been in your spot and burned them out I would hold out for the greenheads. I always regret shooting lesser ducks, I just dont enjoy it anymore. I have my standard set as to what I want to shoot and thats what I go after. Now if you cant find a mallard/pintail honeyhole and all your scouting only turns up gads or wigeon ect, then I would say lets just go shoot some ducks and it would be OK. But if there are bigger and better things available to go for then do it. Kind of like the veteran deer hunter who wont shoot a spike buck, he has his mind made up as to what will please him.
There is a lot more satisfaction in setting goals and achieving your objective than just killing a pile of ducks. I prefer being a hunter, not just a shooter.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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