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Other ducks

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OK. You scouted the slough the night before. Mallards were there heavy.

Next morning you are set up. First hour ducks everywhere - no greenheads.

How many of you would keep waiting ?

How long ?

How many of you start shooting gadwalls, bluebills, and teal ?

How many ? - a limit or do you hold out for a few greenheads ?
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I agree in setting a goal and sticking to it. Don't get me wrong I love greenheads, but have you ever set out to shoot your limit of widgeons, redheads, woodies, bluebills, or teal.Try it once it is just as much fun. I like hunting all types of ducks not just one type. I have shot hundreds of greenheads and I consider a widgeon , bluebill, or woody a bonus, not something of lesser standards. Shooting bluebills in the snow is just as great as shooting mallards in flooded cornfield to me. Variety is the spice of life, don't forget that.
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