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I want to know if I'm the only one worried about the current state of affairs...pertaining specifically to the election.

Campaigning has always been a sales pitch, but the challenge was always who could impress the People as being the best for the country. I have no problem with that.

But today, it's a different sales pitch. Now the candidates are selling themselves to the People in a totally different manner. It's become a contest over who will be the best for ME. And that scares the shiite out of me !!!!!!!!!

Isn't what's best for the country also what's best for us ALL?

We now have a race where both candidates are arguing over which one will give the most money to the People. We even have an Obama website where you can go and compute how much you will benefit, financially, if Obama is elected, and I wouldn't be surprised to hear McCain has one too.

Am I the only one who's stomach churns and gurgles at the mere thought of that? :puke:

I'd say the whole system has turned into a joke.......but it's not funny! If these guys aren't trying to "buy" an election, then I guess I don't understand the term. :eyeroll:

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I share your concern. I have noticed for the past 30 years most politicians have used our tax money to buy votes.

When this nation was formed out forefathers debated who should vote. Many will think that everyone of them agreed that all should vote. Not so, many of them thought only those who owned property should vote. Not land, any kind of property. The reason was that they thought unscrupulous politicians would appeal to those that had no property by promising them financial gain for voting for them. Unfortunately today most of our politicians are unscrupulous, and out forefathers were right. It's a big contest in which the politicians see who can offer the most.

In years gone by the democrats appealed to the poor and the lazy, while the republicans appealed to big business and tried to convince them they would save them more money than democrats. Well through the democrat pampering of the poor and the lazy more of our population has become lazy then poor. Since that has happened the republicans have given up on business and have begin trying to outspend the liberals to entice the lazy which have become poor through their own laziness. Granted some of the poor are from bad luck, some from not smart enough to find their behind with both hands, but some from simple laziness.

Now we have a populace with the majority looking for a free lunch. They have no conscience and it doesn't bother them that someone else worked for their beer money. As long as they have beer and football they don't care who pays for it as long as it isn't them working for it.
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