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We went down to Paul's Pond about 7 and had limits about 8 am. All greenheads except for one hen and several pintails. The frosting on the cake was a flock of Specs. I told the guys to make sure and reload after the first volley because the specs were sitting in the diver pond and with the wind direction, I figured they would fly right over us on their way out. Sure enough, they flew right over us and we bagged 3 of them. You can see one of the adults in the middle of the morning's bag. The last picture is my friend Bill picking up the Full Curls.

Now for the real lucky part. My wife calls me and asks, "are you sitting down" I said, "no problem- what's up?".. She told me that she had just been informed that she had won the grand prize for the duck race on the Columbia and the prize was a 2009 Toyota Camry LE. Whatever that is! There were over 40,000 ducks in the race, so I told her to run over and buy some lottery tickets, right away!!! Paul
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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