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Opening day

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Well ...anyone going out this coming weekend?I just bought a new beeper for my JWP and he is raring to go.Anyone going out post up your results.
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Ken where are you going ??? I used to go to Wishek for the opener & out by Stanley - but it's too far - I wish I could find a reliable area nearer to DL. I know there are some down by Warwick & Scheyene - but I have never hunted there for sharps ???

I am having trouble thinking about waterfowl - with all the hot weather & mosquitoes
Fetch...I hunt here around Bottineau.My relatives are all coing here this weekend on their way to Sask.So I will have a lot of company.I can't go this year.After that you are welcome to come up and hunt with me.
Maybe that Sunday Oct 6th when we are on our way to Estavan ??? We could either hunt sharps or SOB's, or ducks around there (or just take a ride around there - have lunch) ??? Beings we can't hunt Sask on Sunday - Then maybe you can give us some tips in person - show you the map etc. ???
How far to Estavan from there ??? Or is there another town to stay in Sunday night in Canada - with motel ??? In SOB country ???
That would be fine.That weekend is kind of in between.I don't have anything special planned.After that I will be pheasant hunting the next couple of weekends.By then I will have a pretty good idea where the grouse are.
It's about 2 hrs. to Estavan from here.I can give you more info then or just shoot me an email.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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