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Odd But True!

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Hunted near Ashley last weekend. Found open small water near larger water holding ducks. Had great hunts Friday and Saturday, but the water froze over night Sat. night. I broke open a small patch of ice and set out the decoys. The birds wanted to come in but I had a problem. The water was too deep to wade for the ducks and I had no boat. The ice was too thin for the dog to get to 'em.

My solution - I only shot the ducks coming straight in low, and they bounced/slid into shore on the clean ice. Got four ducks that way. The other two I shot over land behind me. Never been in that situation before, but it was the easiest retrieve I've ever had.
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The daily limit on bluebills is 3, maybe some of them were ringbills? nice shooting.
4 bluebills, that is just a little illegal buddy. :withstupid:
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