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:roll: I was out in the garage friday night and all I could here all night long was the constant barking and high pitched shrills of the white devil. I loaded up the truck with my gear my nieghbor saw me and said looked like I was really nuts and said that i should go get some help and i explained that untill you have hunted geese you porbably would think that I'm nuts. Tried to sleep but was unable to because like many of you i had worked very hard on my deks , blind , e-caller, getting the permission to hunt , since last fall . Knowing that it would be very muddy (6 inches) to be exact I woke at 4.30 got in the truck and started driving checked out the field started setting up with the constant flocks flying overhead at the speed of sound . my day was awsome made 30 trips to the truck to get dekx i did get a flight of about 50 birds to circle about 7xs and finally got three birds to come within 50yds got one that was my day it really was a blast and im being serious you guys up north should get into them in huge numbers good luck
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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