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Does anyone have a good handle on the number of hunters in the state?

I realize there were 30,000 waterfowl hunters, but how many resident waterfowlers are there? What is the breakdown on resident vs non-resident pertaining to upland game hunters?

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I'm not aware that '02 figures are available.

For waterfowl, in '01, based upon survey data, there were 30,029 nonres and 34,000 res. Total probably comparable or just lower for '02 because of the 30,000 nonres cap and the consistent trend downward of res waterfowlers.

For upland, in '01 22,236 nonres and 53,589 res. Both numbers were recently on a build back after, on a total hunter basis, previously peaking at 13,784 and 50,784, respectively, in 1996, and then diving a bit following the harsh 96/97 winter. Both sets of numbers fluctuate over time (with bird populations?), but have geneally been increasing over time. For points of reference, '81 produced 39,066 res and 1276 nonres, and '91 produced 51,884 res and 5,504 nonres.

Goooood Gaaaaaaawd. NW and PH active at the same time - this ought to be interesting.
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